Should Islamic Terrorists!

Terrorist designation should be only related to Islam, the Islamic movement, Islamist insurgents or Islamic minorities and oppressed want freedom in a country. That’s right! But the same movement that non-Muslims should not we call a terrorist group. Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda are said to undermine the two World Trade Center buildings in New York 11 September 2001 with a plane crash that took the lives of 200 thousand more dead Americans and other nations clearly Islamic terrorists, but President George W. Bush responded by dropping the Iraqi government and killed thousands of Iraqi civilian casualties so obviously not a terrorist. It was a legitimate retaliation.

In fact we know, the al-Qaeda (if it really exists) is not related to the state. Later inteligence agency CIA admits al-Qaeda only America but the Americans dropped the creation of the Iraqi government and destroy Baghdad. The ferocity of the Americans and their allies in the various countries that has killed tens of thousands of casualties of innocent civilians can not be called a terrorist as a nation, especially a superpower.

Zionist government of Israel every day to kill innocent civilians, women and children of Palestine, was not a terrorist. Americans and Israelis do not call themselves terrorists and the world did not call it that. President of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, who committed war crimes in the Bosnian Muslim ethnic cleaning and doing ethnic (ethnic cleansing) by the method of mass rape (gang rapes) was juxtaposed with the term terrorist.

According to Jürgen Todenhöfer, as written Sulthan Haidar Shamian, in his book Islam Feinbild: Zehn Thesen gegen Hass (Portrait Poor Islam: Anti Thesis Ten Hatred), published in 2011, the West is much more brutal than the Muslim world. Millions of Arab civilians killed since colonialism began. Todenhöfer is a politician of the CDU party (Christian-Democrats) who had 18 years of sitting in the German parliament. He has traveled many years in Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan to Afghanistan. According Todenhöfer, on behalf of colonization, France has killed more than two million civilians in Algeria, in the period of 130 years. On behalf of colonization, phosphorus and Italy used mustard gas to kill civilians in Libya. On behalf of colonization, Spain has also used chemical weapons in Morocco.

Not unlike in the era of the post-second world war. In the second Gulf War invasion, since 2003, UNICEF said, 1.5 million Iraqi civilians were killed, one third of the children. Not a few of the victims of contaminated uranium ammunition. In Baghdad, almost every house lost a family member.

In contrast, in the last two centuries, none of the Muslim attack, intervening, mengkolonialisasi West. Comparison of the number of victims die (the Islamic world: the Western world) is 10:1. Problems of the world in the last two centuries, said Todenhöfer, not the brutality of Islam, but the brutality of some Western countries. But even so, it should be noted, remains an Islamic terrorist is. Although the killing of civilian record very much, not terrorists and the West can not be called a terrorist.

Shamian Haidar also mention the data to official European Police Agency, Europol, Jürgen Todenhöfer found. Europol mention of 249 acts of terror in 2010, only three perpetrators Islamic background. Not 200, not 100 – but three! Data in previous years are also not less surprising: Of 294 acts of terror in 2009, only one Islamic background. Only one of 515 acts of terror in 2008. Only four of 583 in 2007.

If the West, said Todenhöfer, claimed 3500 victims of terrorism dropped the name of “Islamic-terror” since the mid-1990s (including the victims of the WTC on 9/11), but why hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed in the intervention in Iraq was never removed? Todenhöfer then asks: Why the West elite never once considering to bring George W. Bush and Tony Blair before an international tribunal, the unilateral attack on Iraq? Once again, the answer is obvious, because the terrorists are Muslims and should be only related to Islam.

Pesantren alumni and young Muslims who fought on a global political injustice by attacking the symbols of Western-American domination of power should be called terrorists. Abu Bakar Bashir despite the court declared not guilty of terrorism events, was a terrorist. Detachment 88 should be set up as it gets substantial financial assistance to Islamic terrorists ambush. If successful, Indonesia to international acclaim. Terrorist acts that always appears, which indicates a failure to anticipate Detachment 88, it’s okay to continue to maintain the relationship of Islam with terrorism.

Minority Muslim movements that fought the oppressive government and want to separate themselves should be called terrorists. Abu Sayyaf leader Moro Muslim terrorists in the Philippines is therefore terrorism in Indonesia is often attributed to him. Similarly Muslim Pattani in Southern Thailand who want to be independent and separated from Thailand. But Papuan separatists who want to secede from Indonesia, and has killed thousands of civilians and dozens of police just call OPM (Free Papua Movement) alone and now according to the confession of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of West Papua Jacob Rumbiak, already 111 countries provide support to secede from Indonesia . Maluku separatist movement just call RMS (Republik Maluku Selatan) only. East Timor rebel and break away from the lap of Homeland call “the East Timorese resistance” alone or Fretilin only.

Non-Muslims should not be connected with the word terrorist act together though, even more. The term terrorist is not fit for them. Thus, the Muslim massacre Rohingya in Burma, it is not called a terrorist group but quite “Buddhism” course or a “government of Burma” only. But if a new two teenagers aged 19 and 16 years old attacked a police post in Solo, straight let alone call him a terrorist alumnis. Muslims around the world are protesting loudly insulting the Prophet movie, Innocence of Muslims, should be considered terrorists for having made ​​the atmosphere tense, damaging and killing people are not related, but Sam Bacile, the filmmakers themselves led to protests and have been terrorized and hurt feelings Muslims all over the world so not a terrorist. Bacile just hurt feelings, while demo Muslims has caused physical injuries. Everyone knows, wounded feelings deeper and deeper scar than just physical injuries.

Image formation has been successfully established stigma and unconscious reflexes opinions, even among Muslims themselves, that any form of real resistance by the people of Islam, regardless of the political context of social issues, psychological and cultural rights should be called terrorists.



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